Personalised Books - Hovis 'Happy Endings' Campaign

Brandedbooks Personalised Book for Hovis - 'Boo-Hoo the Ogre'Brandedbooks Personalised Book for Hovis - 'The King who lives Next Door'Brandedbooks Personalised Book for Hovis - The Magic Crocodile'

Hovis commissioned BrandedBooks to create a set of three personalised children's books as part of their 'Happy Endings' promotion. Digitally printed to order, each book is unique but retains the outward appearance of a mass-market paperback.The attractive colour covers featured company branding. The Hovis 'Happy Endings' promotion also raised funds for the NSPCC.

Personalised books in the Hovis 'Happy Endings' campaign featured three named children (the main character and two friends) in fantastical situations, created by established children's authors and artists. Printed to order, each book had a unique set of names, supplied by each individual customer.

The 'personalised books' concept is adaptable to almost any narrative, with broad appeal and inbuilt potential for product placement.

The look and feel of a standard off-the-shelf paperback book, coupled with the impact of individual personalisation proved a winner for the children who received the books (as the main character in their own personalised book!), Hovis, and also Nestlé's Milkybar.

Branded Books proven innovation in promotional products - individually personalised books to your own specification.

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